Silica Standard (Part 5): Written Exposure Control Plans Required by the Standard

Miller & Martin PLLC Blog | November 16, 2018

For General Industry, a written exposure control plan requires:

  1. A description of the tasks in the workplace that involve exposure to silica;
  2. A description of the engineering controls, workplace practices and respiratory protection used to limit employee exposure to silica for each task; and
  3. A description of the housekeeping methods used at the workplace.

For Construction Industry, the Exposure Control Plan requires these three elements above along with (4) description of the procedures used to restrict access to worksite. The construction industry may develop a single written exposure control plan for all worksites that covers all required tasks and aspects of the plan. The creation of one plan allows the construction industry to create and train regarding its written exposure control plan, but the Written Exposure Control Plan must be enforced across all work sites to comply with the Standard.