Georgia Appeals Judge Rules Media Executive’s Case Against Impact Partnership, LLC Moot

December 01, 2022

The Georgia Court of Appeals recently ruled a Georgia media executive’s appeal of a non-compete order as moot. Michael Fulghum of 3 Stage Media had been pursuing an appeal on a ruling that had limited his company from being able to participate in certain activities due to a non-compete with his former employer, Impact Partnership, LLC, which was represented by Miller & Martin, LLC. Fulghum left Impact Partnership in late 2020 and was immediately locked into a non-compete agreement. Litigation between Fulgham and his former employer began in January of 2021 because Fulgham started his own company prior to exiting Impact Partnership and was accused of convincing other employees to leave and join his team. The court ruled the appeal moot because the interlocutory injunction had expired in October 2022. It said jurisdiction was lacking for it to review the order denying the motion for partial judgment because Fulghum had not made a proper appeal of the order.

The Impact Partnership, LLC is represented by Michael P. Kohler, Ryan Kurtz and Bob Parsley.

The case is Michael Fulghum a/k/a Mark Richards et al. v. The Impact Partnership LLC, case number A22A1500, in the Court of Appeals of Georgia.

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