Miller & Martin Launches New Event Series "Miller & Martin Mornings: Fresh Takes On Issues That Keep Us Up At Night"

October 28, 2014


Miller & Martin has launched a new event series called "Miller & Martin Mornings: Fresh Takes on Issues that Keep us up at Night." The series draws from the firm's 147 years of experience and a practice that spans 35 areas of law. It provides in depth discussions around trending topics of the moment which present challenges for those in business leadership roles. Attendees will come away from these events having gained resourceful knowledge and perhaps a new way of thinking about certain areas of their businesses.

The inaugural event of the Miller & Martin Mornings series titled “The Two Courts” was a panel discussion including corporate executive leadership, general counsel and communication experts from national and global organizations, each of whom have faced major company crises during their careers. This compelling dialogue focused on sharing their experiences and how each navigated these difficult situations between the two courts, the court of law and the court of public opinion.