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Franchising can be one of the fastest ways to expand a successful small business with an innovative format into a regional or nationwide force in its industry. Miller & Martin attorneys have the experience necessary to guide your business through this heavily regulated field.

Investing can be significant from the franchisee's point of view. Most states and the federal government heavily regulate the sale of franchises. In order to restrict abuse, the laws expansively define what constitutes a "franchise" or "business opportunity" which can subject the seller to regulation. Therefore, without proper preparation and guidance, it is easy for a growing business to develop product distribution schemes, capital development plans, or business alliances which run afoul of the broad franchise and business opportunity laws.

Selected Experience

  • Representing several franchisers in the establishment of their franchising programs, including franchise disclosure and contract documents preparation, franchise registration and related issues with state regulators, and ongoing compliance with state laws governing franchise relationships.
  • Collaborating with the largest soft drink franchise organization in the world in acquiring new bottlers both domestically and internationally and dealing with all legal aspects of their franchise arrangements.
  • Dealing with a variety of established franchise operations in counseling and preparation of materials pertaining to the normal business of running a franchised organization.
  • Representing business entities interested in becoming franchisees in assessing franchise agreements.
  • Counseling franchisors and franchisees in litigation arising from the franchise relationship.