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Business transactions are crossing regional and national borders more frequently than ever before. Miller & Martin Technology & Licensing attorneys specifically focus on serving the particular needs associated with e-commerce and technology development.

By using a team approach, Miller & Martin efficiently assists businesses with the new demands created by 21st century advances. Members of the group include attorneys who practice in the fields of intellectual property, corporate law and international law. Intellectual property rights permeate the new business relationships created by this technological expansion, where issues such as licensed software, protected methods of doing business, international trademark conflicts, domain name disputes and the electronic distribution of content are becoming a part of a typical business day.

These intellectual property rights frequently are entwined with other issues such as website agreements, antitrust, banking, business organization, transactional and business-to-business agreements, taxation and financing. Our attorneys stay abreast of the issues that may affect your organization and work with clients to address them.

Selected Experience

  • Advised in the negotiation and design of license agreements and joint venture agreements.
  • Advised in the formation of an Internet incubator.
  • Drafted telecom co-location space agreements.
  • Drafted telecom interconnect agreements.
  • Advised upon the formation of web-based advertising, financial, retail and information companies.
  • Resolved and litigated Internet domain name disputes, and negotiated domain name transfers.
  • Provided general representation of ISPs and CLECs.
  • Patenting new business methods utilizing the Internet, an on-line ordering system, and a new web search engine technology.
  • Provided securities and tax advice on venture capital investments regarding various e-commerce entities.
  • Assisted with private placements of interests in web-based businesses.