WRCBtv Interviews Employment Attorney Scott Simmons About Workplace Vaccine Mandates

May 03, 2021

WRCBtv interviewed Miller & Martin employment attorney Scott Simmons for the media outlet's May 3, 2021 story, "Can your employer make you get vaccinated?"

Simmons explains there is still some gray area on the issue. While the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has provided guidance saying employers can make their employees get vaccines if it has been approved by the FDA, the currently available COVID-19 vaccines were developed under emergency authority and have not been officially FDA approved yet. 

If an employer does mandate employee vaccinations, certain exemptions may still apply for religious beliefs or disabilities under the American Disabilities Act.

Read the full story here at wrcbtv.com.  

Employers with questions considering workplace policies regarding COVID-19 vaccines, contact Scott Simmons or any attorney with Miller & Martin's Labor & Employment practice.