Understanding the Multi-Employer Worksite (Part 6) - Conclusion

Miller & Martin PLLC Blog | July 10, 2018

Parting thoughts:

  1. All employers on a multi-employer worksite have a duty to protect their own employees and may have additional duties to protect the employees of other employers.
  2. Any hazard that violates an OSHA standard can lead to the citation of multiple employers across the multi-employer worksite.
  3. Employers can often fall into more than one category of creating, correcting, controlling or exposing employers.
  4. The ability to present OSHA with a compelling case as to why an employer on a multi-employer worksite begins prior to the signing of the contract to perform work on the multi-employer worksite and is complete prior to the OSHA inspection of the multi-employer worksite.
  5. Waiting to implement reasonable health and safety policies training and implementation until after an employee is exposed to a hazard that violates an OSHA regulation and OSHA is inspecting the multi-employer worksite is too late.

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