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While national trends toward industry consolidation continue, antitrust issues will continue to surface in the merger or acquisition of businesses, both large and small. Accordingly, when businesses or single product lines are bought and sold, appropriate guidance is critical to properly realize the effect of antitrust and trade regulations under both federal and state law.

Miller & Martin attorneys provide counsel in antitrust and trade regulation issues. Issues can arise from a wide variety of practices that frequently occur in the conduct of normal business activities including contacts with competitors, distribution agreements, license and franchise agreements, pricing practices, terminations of dealers or distributors, exclusive dealing and licensing agreements, advertising and marketing practices, promotional allowances and refusals to deal.

Selected Experience

  • Obtained dismissal of a complaint filed against Tyson Farms, Inc. under two federal antitrust and collective bargaining statutes.
  • Providing ongoing civil and critical antitrust advice and counseling for numerous business clients, including Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Handling civil and criminal antitrust litigation.
  • Providing advice and services to healthcare providers in their marketing practices and collaborative relationships.
  • Obtaining favorable antitrust advisory opinions for business.
  • Reviewing letters from the FTC and DOJ.
  • Handling federal and state antitrust investigations, including Department of Justice criminal grand jury investigations and FTC civil investigations.