With the right resources, entrepreneurs are empowered to take an extraordinary idea and develop it into an extraordinary company positioned for growth. Miller & Martin can work with emerging companies to provide the legal resources they will need from start to raise to exit.

On the other side of the table, Miller & Martin has vast experience counseling investors on early-stage seed investments through Series A offerings and beyond to help investors protect their investment and to advise investors on the potential risks and upsides of the deal.  

Miller & Martin has an established team of knowledgeable and entrepreneurial-minded attorneys dedicated to understanding the distinctive needs of emerging businesses operating in a variety of industries. Through all stages of the startup life cycle—including forming a legal entity, protecting company intellectual property, raising money, negotiating with customers and suppliers, and selling or merging with another company—we can provide important and necessary guidance and solutions, helping our clients reach their goals of developing thriving businesses. We have helped emerging companies raise over $157 million.

Our attorneys have extensive experience working with companies of varying sizes and industries; however, startups and emerging companies can face unique legal issues that provide their own unique set of challenges. We provide cost-effective services across a wide array of legal disciplines, with generalists as well as attorneys who practice in niche areas of the law. The decisions companies make in the initial stages of development can have a significant impact on their businesses in the future, and our team of attorneys is prepared to work efficiently and effectively to help companies set themselves up for future success.

Miller & Martin also has a deep bench of attorneys who are attuned to the investor-side of emerging businesses. We counsel investors in making prudent, reasonable decisions when it comes to investing in emerging businesses, including advising on methods for securing such investments.

Selected Experience

  • Form entities based upon founder roles and anticipated funding sources, including negotiation and drafting of limited liability company operating agreements between co-founders and investors.
  • Consult on internal approaches to employment, equity and other compensation and benefits, including navigation of 409A issues related to key employee stock grants.
  • Negotiate with strategic partners and other sources of equity financing, including preparing Series A capital raises.
  • Protect essential intellectual property through trademark and patent filings, confidentiality agreements and technology licensing