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All companies, whether large or small, need help navigating the myriad of legal issues confronting day-to-day operations, so they can better and more efficiently fulfill their core missions, sell their products and services and minimize risk to their business. Miller & Martin’s General Counsel Services Group consists of attorneys available to provide broad-based counsel and advice on the legal issues that arise in day-to-day business operations, and, when needed, to draw on the experience of other attorneys who focus on specific areas of law.

Attorneys in Miller & Martin’s General Counsel Services Group regularly supplement clients’ in-house attorney functions and also assist clients who lack in-house attorneys but face frequent legal issues.

Our General Counsel Service Group wants to work with clients to understand their business from a high level and establish a trusted-advisor relationship. Our attorneys can draw on the experience and knowledge of our entire firm to advise in areas such as corporate governance, deal structuring and dispute resolution. Our team then issue-spots and diagnoses potential risks to be mitigated in the transaction, litigation or other company event facing the client, and can recommend and engage non-lawyer experts outside the firm if necessary.

In short, whether collaborating with members of senior management, in-house attorneys or other outside counsel, we are equipped to provide insightful, strategic counsel by leveraging our experience with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Situations where our services may apply:

  • No or understaffed legal departments with limited resources
  • Medical, maternity or interim leave of absence within a legal department
  • Transitional periods for a company
  • Project-specific engagements for which specialization is required

Moving your company to the next level requires a keen focus on operating your business efficiently and effectively. Doing so without legal advice can be both a risky proposition and lead to lost business opportunities. The goal of Miller & Martin’s General Counsel Services Group is to help our company clients better fulfill their missions and succeed in today’s competitive markets. 


Selected Experience

  • Supplementing the in-house team of the North America subsidiary of a global, multi-billion dollar chemical company, providing counsel on such day-to-day matters as contracts and handling dispute resolution and litigation.
  • Providing counsel to venture capital-backed, multi-national software-as-a-service company with respect to contract-based relationships, including those with developers, clients and strategic partners.