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Miller & Martin's Alternative Dispute Resolution group provides advice and counsel to clients with the goal of bringing disputes rapidly and efficiently to resolution whenever appropriate. As alternatives to litigation continue to grow, alternative dispute resolution has become a vital piece of the firm’s overall litigation and employment law practice.

Some cases need to be litigated. Many can benefit from a different approach. Implementing early case assessment with careful analysis and planning, Miller & Martin’s team of lawyers can help provide realistic case assessments and potentially minimize the need for extensive litigation. Whether mediating cases, arbitrating matters, serving as settlement counselors in litigation, or providing mediation advocacy, our attorneys help clients position their disputes for a favorable resolution. While litigation is sometimes unavoidable, Miller & Martin’s ADR team is committed to understanding the unique characteristics of each case.

Miller & Martin’s team includes several certified mediators who have conducted hundreds of mediations in numerous subject matter contexts including employment, personal injury, and products liability, among others. Our attorneys with significant experience arbitrating cases across a variety of practice areas and industries also help employers in designing alternative dispute resolution programs.

Selected Experience

  • Designed individualized ADR programs – including mediation and mandatory arbitration with class action waivers - in the employment setting for a variety of companies, both large and small. 
  • Successfully compelled arbitration in cases where current or former employees attempted to by-pass arbitration by filing a lawsuit.