Preparation is critical when dealing with crisis management issues. Miller & Martin's Crisis Management team aggressively pursues avoidance, management and recovery from unexpected business interruptions.

A business crisis is best managed before it ever occurs. Planning for a crisis is the most effective way to limit, if not prevent, a crisis, which can interfere with "business-as-usual," damage the client's brand and cause potential harm to the organization and investor relations.

An established, trusted and strategic relationship with outside counsel is a valuable resource for all stages of business interruption planning and management. Miller & Martin's attorneys evaluate risk, recommend best practices and develop practical policies to help organizations reduce the risk of a crisis.

In times of business threats, our crisis management team will help you emerge from the crisis.

Strategic Partnership for Crisis Communications and Training

Timely communications with key audiences and media relations and management play a critical role in crisis management. Miller & Martin has the ability to work with our strategic partner Jackson Spalding, a leading strategic marketing communications firm with a specialty in crisis communications. Jackson Spalding adds an important dimension in developing strategies, training employees and guiding crisis communications.

Selected Experience

  • Assisting with replies to grand jury subpoenas and search warrants issued in investigations concerning immigration and worker status, antitrust and tax and fraud in multiple industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, energy and agriculture.
  • Coordinating the investigation of and corporate response to data security breaches, including breaches involving compromised personal health information.
  • Counseling clients with product recalls, including recovering associated losses. In just one instance, Miller & Martin successfully represented an international beverage company in recovering losses stemming from a product recall that generated media allegations of defective product, prompted a government investigation and resulted in loss and business interruption expenses in excess of $100 million. 
  • Coordinating the defense of class and multi-jurisdictional actions and challenges to intellectual property rights. In one high-profile engagement, Miller & Martin served as national coordinating counsel for multi-district litigation against a leading consumer products company and obtained a global resolution of over 1,000 federal and state claims.
  • Responding to SEC and FINRA investigations.
  • Guiding the response to construction failures, workplace accidents and environmental contamination, including working with OSHA, EPA, DOT and other regulatory agencies.