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Miller & Martin’s Investigations & Special Projects team is ready to help organizations uncover the truth in challenging situations. The need for thorough and efficient investigations and special counsel can be triggered by a variety of sensitive and complex situations or allegations that put the organization’s reputation or financial security at risk.

Needs may arise from:

  • Any claim that questions the organization’s integrity and public credibility, especially one that questions the systemic handling of serious allegations of crime or misconduct
  • Suspicion or allegations of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or variations of #MeToo claims
  • Suspicion or allegations of financial fraud, misconduct, or abuse
  • Allegations of excessive force or civil rights violations by government officials
  • Suspicion or allegations of discrimination, bullying, or preferential treatment based on sex, race, ethnicity, ability, or social status
  • Audit committee inquiries into potentially illegal or improper conduct
  • Notice of whistleblower claims or subpoena indicating the organization or its associated parties are under scrutiny
  • Privacy & data security concerns for companies holding significant amounts of private consumer personal, financial, or health data
  • Due diligence findings in connection with a merger, acquisition, or other business transaction
  • Environmental contamination concerns
  • HR compliance and policy criticisms
  • Workplace environmental, health, and safety incidents
  • Product liability risk concerns

Hiring a qualified outside team of attorneys with diverse investigative and legal experience to assist in situations of this magnitude is extremely valuable and critical, especially when an organization’s reputation is on the line with its employees, stakeholders, consumers, or the public at large. An attorney-led investigation can result in findings and advice that fall under the attorney-client privilege. And some situations warrant an added layer of independence which can lend credibility to the process and results. Our team brings experience, discretion, and sensitivity to such matters and can help the client understand and appropriately address allegations, consider the option of making the findings public, or advise about litigation next steps.

Whether representing faith-based organizations, educational institutions, sports organizations, closely-held businesses or major corporations, our experienced attorneys can investigate the matter at hand and will be straight-shooters about the results so our clients can navigate the most appropriate path forward.

Selected Experience

  • Conducted an independent investigation for a world-wide evangelical ministry into allegations of sexual misconduct by the organization’s late leader. The organization’s Board made a public statement publishing the investigation report and disclosing its restitution and organizational reform plans.
  • Conducted investigation of embezzlement allegations against I.T. staff employed by an industrial services client. Identified dishonest employee, disclosed criminal conduct to prosecutors, and secured restitution. 
  • Handled multiple investigations involving environmental, health and safety issues resulting from industrial manufacturing accidents.
  • Investigated sexual abuse allegations for a private secondary school.
  • Conducted investigations into harassment and discrimination claims by employees in anonymous hotline calls for manufacturing and distribution clients.
  • Investigated allegations of misappropriation of former employer’s trade secrets by technical employee.
  • Investigated potential violations of internal Code of Conduct and related ethical obligations.