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Corporate clients have a vested interest in protecting their keys to success. In the wrong hands – often those of a former executive or employee – a company’s own intellectual property, trade secrets, financial information, customer lists, business plans and other confidential information can be used against it.

On the other hand, companies in highly-competitive industries may attempt to unfairly restrict former executives or employees from earning a living or otherwise engaging in legitimate business activities by seeking to enforce unreasonable post-employment conditions.

Miller & Martin’s attorneys can help draft, review, negotiate and revise non-compete, non-solicitation, trade secrets protection and confidentiality agreements, as well as develop appropriate human resources and risk management policies. This work requires knowledge of a variety of legal and regulatory environments. Different jurisdictions have different requirements for and limitations on the protection of competitive information. Whether in employment, independent contractor, or executive compensation agreements, or as part of a merger or acquisition, non-compete agreements and the protection of trade secrets as well as other proprietary information can be essential to technology and pharmaceutical firms, healthcare companies, manufacturers that rely on a sales force, and other businesses that depend on non-public information and know-how. When disputes arise, we are prepared to protect our clients’ critical business information through negotiation and, when necessary, litigation, including by seeking or opposing injunctive relief and pursuing claims for damages.