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Miller & Martin's team is comprised of seasoned lawyers with more than 20 years individual experience in handling matters involving electric, natural gas, water, wastewater systems and railroads and matters arising in the telephone, telecommunications, cable, internet and competitive broadband arenas.

Our attorneys, some who have served as General Counsel for utility clients and energy-related organizations, share a common bond to provide every client with high caliber advice and representation.

Selected Experience

Telecommunications and Broadband

  • Representation of CLECs, 'triple play' broadband providers, and municipal utilities before the Tennessee Regulatory Authority. Representation of municipal utilities before the Tennessee and Georgia General Assembly.
  • Representation of telecommunications providers before the Federal Communications Commission.
  • Representation of more than a dozen municipal utility systems presently providing fiber optic, telecommunications, cable or related services.
  • Representation of companies evaluating VoIP, L, WiMAX and other emerging technologies.
  • Representation of purchasers in acquisitions and sale of cable television companies, including associated financing.
  • Representation of national telecommunications provider in obtaining franchise to deploy a fiber optic network, and in litigation concerning the local franchise ordinance. 

Utilities and Railroads

  • Representation of an association of more than 150 municipal electric systems and electric cooperatives in wholesale power purchase agreements with the Tennessee Valley Authority, as well as ratemaking and regulatory matters.
  • Representation of utilities in proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
  • Representation of developers, owners and operators of solar and other renewable energy producers in the planning, development and financing of facilities to interconnect with utility grids either by contract or Qualified Facility.
  • Representation of utilities in their development, construction contracts and operation of community solar facilities.
  • Representation of utility in all legal matters for transition of distribution system to smart grid.
  • Representation of utilities on contract and permit matters with United States Corps of Engineers and federal power marketing agencies.
  • Representation of several electric cooperatives in defense of member class actions to require payment of capital credits.
  • Representation of numerous municipal utility systems, electric cooperatives and other special purpose utility entities.
  • Representation of an engineering, procurement and construction contractor providing turnkey solutions to renewable energy developers.
  • Representation of U.S. and International energy companies and cooperatives in the development, purchase and sale of electric, water and wastewater projects and assets.
  • Representation of utilities in easement acquisition and disputes, crossing agreements, right-of-way matters, safety clearance issues and a variety of litigation in state and federal courts.
  • Representation of electric utilities on wholesale power supply contracts.
  • Representation of owners and operators of high voltage long distance transmission systems for wind energy and other renewable energy sources.
  • Representation of electric utilities on compliance with National Energy Reliability standards.
  • Representation of a municipal utility with respect to certain agreements and legal issues related to the county's waste collection operations.
  • Representation of municipal water and wastewater systems in the development of inter-jurisdictional agreements in compliance with environmental statutes and regulations.
  • Representation of municipality with respect to its wholesale water supply agreements to supply water to a rural utility district.
  • Representation of a municipal wastewater system regarding sewer interconnection agreement to accept another municipality’s waste water collection, transport, treatment and disposal.
  • Representation of municipal water systems for the sale and delivery of water in jurisdictions outside their territorial limits.
  • Representation of a municipality in the development of utility rate structures and related issues, including rate base and cost of service issues.
  • Representation of a municipal water system in relation to compliance with the U.S. Clean Water Act and other statutes.
  • Representation of electric utilities on a broad spectrum of environmental matters with respect to PCBs, underground storage tanks, toxic substances, Clean Air Act compliance and permitting.
  • Representation of railroad in FELA and work related litigation.
  • Representation of utilities to assist their lobbyists in the analysis and structuring of legislative and administrative law proceedings and related amendments on alternative proposals.
  • Representation of gas utility in its negotiation for asset management agreements, pipeline transportation agreements and related matters.

Labor & Employment and Litigation

  • Representation of telecommunications providers and utilities in labor and employment matters, including the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements on behalf of management.
  • Representation of telecommunications providers and utilities in a wide range of litigation, including personal injury, workers' compensation, wrongful death, bankruptcy, condemnation, environmental, public records, open meetings, billing accuracy and other related matters.
  • Representation of utilities on OSHA regulatory matters including alleged OSHA violations as to alleged fatalities.