Georgia Appeals Judge Rules in Favor of Dietary Supplement Maker in Labeling Case Citing Unanswered FDA Questions

August 31, 2022

In a unanimous decision, the Georgia Court of Appeals has ruled that a plaintiff cannot pursue his deceptive labeling case against Georgia-based Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, which is represented by Miller & Martin. In the July 27, 2022, ruling, the Court said the reason for its ruling is because the suit deals with unanswered questions under the Food and Drug Administration's purview. The plaintiff’s suit questioned Hi-Tech’s Pharmaceutical's labeling of the chemical methylsynephrine as a dietary ingredient. The court ruled that the FDA has not formally established its position on the matter, and thus the issue is for the FDA to resolve.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is represented by Miller & Martin attorneys Robert F. Parsley, Eileen H. Rumfelt, Meredith C. Lee, and C. Crews Townsend.

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