Chairman Scott Parrish Shares Secret to Success in CityScope Magazine Annual Business Issue

July 20, 2021

Miller & Martin's Chairman Scott Parrish was quoted among other Chattanooga-area business executives in CityScope Magazine's Annual Business Issue about how he stays on top of his game and remains prepared for daily responsibilities while at the helm of the successful law firm.

Parrish shares a secret to his success: "As soon as I arrive at the office and before my day starts with my fellow partners and clients, I try to focus for five to 10 minutes on one or two ways I can market my firm or my practice. It could be as simple as catching up with someone with whom I have worked before or contemplating a branding opportunity for my firm. If I don't do this, the day-to-day responsibilities of managing the firm and tending to the needs of clients and employees will often prevent me from focusing on such matters."

See page 176 of CityScope's Annual Business Issue.



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